Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Paganism: Understanding and Compassion

One of the abiding tenets in most pagan belief systems is that of understanding, acceptance, and compassion. Most of us want these things. Most systems give a way to bring other ideas into play without feeling compromised. Even the Celts made way for Christianity and incorporated aspects of it in their ways. That's just how most pagan systems are set up-- to be accepting of change and understanding of other aspects.

One thing lately that has been pushing at me is that other people have asked me how I can believe in so-called dead gods. I remind them one thing-- dead is only in the eye of the beholder. Just as speaking a name gives power, so too does offering and worship. To me, the gods aren't dead. I see them every day in all I do. Whether it's greeting the dawn or walking in a park, or even at work at the computer- the gods are there and they enjoy that they're known. In some ways, it's the easiest thing in the world to know that you can worship as you wish. Sometimes it's hard because it makes it difficult to worship.

I believe in understanding, acceptance, and more importantly, in compassion. Those who don't believe as I do, they are okay. They aren't wrong, but neither am I. I worship in a way that is best to me and my beliefs, just as they do. Next Monday, we'll start on the Elements and how we are beholden to them most of all . (continue reading &aquo;)

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