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Friday Flash- Goddess Creation

This came about because of Changeling Bar and Press night. Not sure where it's going, or what will come of it, but part of me is intrigued. *grins* Think of a world, part of a conglomeration-- and where entropy is prevalent and the world they know is dying. Prophecy states of a woman called She Who Walks the Worlds that would save their universe--but there's a catch-- she needs the one mate that can help her harness her power, submit to her-- and force her to submit to the male force of creation as well. Enjoy!

Janelle stood inside the sacred hut. In this hut, she would call upon the forces of the Elements, demanding to be sent her lover, her protector, the holder of magick that would help her to create life upon new worlds. But she wanted more than that, she wanted a man to accept all of her, not just her role within the prophecy.


Opening the palm of her left hand she spoke ancient words as fire appeared as a ball above it. "I call upon Fire, that which has warmth to heal and pain to kill. Guide and direct this night my call for He Who Shall Inherit." Carefully, she set the ball of flame upon the brazier, allowing the glow to light up the now darkening room.


Going to the east side of the hut, she opened her other palm speaking new words until a ball of water appeared. Placing it in a gold bowl, she whispered, "I call upon Water, which heals and takes away that which can harm. Thought it can also kill, it is the cleanser of what lies on top. Guide and direct my call."


Over and again, she repeated the request of Air, which formed a small, contained tornado, and that of Earth, which formed a blossom that bloomed without roots or anything else. Once the room had been raised with the elemental protections, Janelle stripped off her leather pants, boots, and removed the silken shirt that covered her torso. Exposed to all the elements in her naked form, Janelle felt the pulsating power of life and balance around her. Tonight was the night.


"Come he who walks with purpose. Come he who wants to be one with the universe. Come he who will serve my needs above his own and let him serve me in all ways so that Creation will once again fill the universe. Saxaii, hear my demands, Saxaii, send me the best of your powerful warriors- male, strong, proud and willing to do what is needed to ensure our peoples." Janelle threw her arms over her head, allowing the power to flow through her and into the ground, sending her magick far and wide.


After a few moments, she heard a noise in the distance, but didn't yet move. Using her abilities, she enhanced her hearing to discern mortal breathing and the smell of magick. He was coming---and if he was truly the one, her wait would finally be over.


The door to the hut slammed open and before her stood a tall male, short wavy black hair, the golden amber eyes of the Saxaii, and the tattoos marking him as heir to the Tribal Council of his people. Yet he was clothed only in a pair of loose pants and boots, which framed his wide shoulders and muscled stomach. Before he could step forward, she put her hand before her in warning.


"You step on sacred ground, Saxaii. State your name and purpose."


He removed his clothing, revealing his shaven skin, his tattoos of power, and an erection that would make any woman tremble in fear. "I am Khalil, and I've come to fuck you and claim you as mine."


"We shall see, Khalil. We shall see. I am Janelle. Enter and be welcome among the ancient of powers."

She shuddered as he kissed the small white tiger symbol at the base of her spine. "I love this tattoo. There is something so primal about you being marked..." he whispered.


Janelle stroked his inner thigh where his tattoos marking his power as Saxaii-- a mage of great power-- resided. "And this reminds me just how powerful you are, Khalil. You are high born among your people, just as I serve mine."


"Yet this is more than just a tattoo, is it not, ainchura? This is a marking of the pasarei. You are warrior and shifter, clan of Tiger." His lips brushed her hips while his fingers traced patterns surrounding the tattoo on her back. "You have great power, power you will give me to help me on my quest."


Janelle lifted one snowy brow as she allowed her hand to brush his thick erection. "Only if you agree to be my bonded charge. There is a high price for those of the pasarei to be with a Saxaii. Are you willing to bond not just with me, but with my other half?"


"I am yours to command, Lady Janelle," Khalil whispered before his mouth brushed one erect bare nipple.

His mouth felt hot on her cool skin, but Janelle knew that he was also controlling the power surrounding them on this sacred place. Only here could Saxaii and pasarei meet and enjoy the sharing of flesh and soul. Only here could the magicks be blended creating something more than what was to be expected in this universe. Her hand gently squeezed his erection, enjoying the power that flooded her being. Janelle knew that for all Khalil responded to her call for magick, there was more to her than he could ever know.


Gasping in pleasure, she pulled his short hair until he released her now damp and tight nipple. "You will serve me, Khalil. Raise your power to the elements and offer your oath, offer your body and soul to me."


She watched as his eyes darkened from pale amber to the dark gold that denoted a raising of internal magickal power. "As you wish, Lady Janelle. And what else shall I do for you?"


Chuckling, she urged him to stand, allowing herself to take in his fully naked form. "You shall offer yourself to be my hetair, my sex slave and be the man I may one day name as heir. But first, once the power is raised, you shall bow and proclaim your obedience before I take your cock deep within me." Gracefully, Janelle moved until she was on her knees before Khalil. "Do so or forfeit your life, Khalil."


"I have bound your creature to my magick, you cannot harm me," Khalil countered with a smirk.


One brow raised as she laughed. "Oh, darling Saxaii, you have no clue who I am. This will indeed be a good time in the power of our gods." Carefully, she moved her hands and uttered the ancient words that even this Saxaii could decipher. As his eyes went wide, Janelle's teeth showed. "I am She Who Walks the World. And you are mine to do as I wish. Now, beg Khalil. Beg that I take you, that I accept you so you may know that which is eternity in my soul."


Then without warning, she leaned forward and slid her mouth over his semi-erect cock.

Janelle's tongue stroked the head of his cock while her hands slid between his parted thighs. Magick was magick, but even among her people and his, there was always the prophecy of She Who Walks the World, the collector and the creator of life. For Janelle, since childhood she had dreamed of this moment-- to bond with the one Saxaii who could handle her power and perhaps, just perhaps handle her other self-- Lenaj-- the white tiger.


Burning filled her back as Khalil's cock expanded fully in her mouth as she slid him further within. Crackling power surrounded them as Khalil's shielding shattered around them. Janelle reveled in the pleasure filling her body as the magick bonded them together. Slowly, she removed his hot, thick cock from her and growled, "My other comes and will watch over us as we feast upon each other. Come serve me."


Khalil bowed his head and dropped to his knees on the padded floor. "As you command, Lady Janelle, goddess of our world and the prophecy fulfiller. Let me taste your sweetness, let me make pleasure the magick of your touch."


Janelle's smile faded into a soft gasp as Lenaj emerged from her back, growing to full size. ::This is the one? He looks sufficient to the task, but will he bow to us::, the white tiger asked, dark green eyes meeting Janelle's.


::He must if we are to fulfil the prophecy and give his people freedom. Khalil has power and I believe the ability to be one of us::


::Then let him serve you, my Lady:: Lenaj stepped behind Khalil, pushing him forward towards a kneeling Janelle.


"My other, Lenaj, would have you serve me, Khalil." Janelle laid back upon the pillows. "Come and taste of the juices of creation. More importantly, I demand that you pleasure me until I or Lenaj command you to quit. Should you fail, so fail your people."


"My pleasure, my duty," Khalil said, sliding his shoulders between Janelle's parted legs. "A small kiss for reverence." His mouth kissed the top of her naked mons. "A lick to show my subservience to your needs." His fingers parted her damp slit, exposing her clitoris to his rough tongue. "And to taste the food of the gods, I thank you and give you my power," Khalil moaned before placing his mouth over her wet opening.


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